Watch: JavaScript apps going Inter-Planetary

My talk at Node+JS Interactive 2019

Photo by Michael Descharles (Unsplash)

Last December, I gave a talk at Node+JS Interactive in Montreal, with the title JavaScript apps going Inter-Planetary.

I was very excited to have the opportunity to speak for the first time at a large tech event, and I got to explain and demo something I’m very passionate about: building static web apps for the Distributed Web, and making them “production ready”.

After briefly explaining what is the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and how to interact with it, I showed how to run a static JavaScript app ( JAMstack) deployed through IPFS.

To make that app accessible to anyone in an easy manner, I then introduced using public IPFS gateways with Cloudflare, and simpler URLs thanks to the IPNS, or Inter-Planetary Name Service.

Lastly, I demoed how you can enable a full DevOps pipeline with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, to automatically publish apps on the IPFS network.

📺 The full talk has been recorded and is now on YouTube:

🖥 You can also find all the slides in PDF here.

🧑‍💻 The code used for the demo, as well as all the instructions to replicate it yourself, are published on GitHub at ItalyPaleAle/calendar-next-demo.

📖 Lastly, if you’re interested in reading more, check out my other articles about IPFS:

Hope you enjoy the content, and let me know if you have any feedback!

Originally published at on January 21, 2020.

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